SLA-AGC Conference Online Registration is closed , we will have Onsite Registration on Monday 6th of March from 4:00 PM to 7:00 ِPM and Tuesday 7th of March from 7:30 AM to 11:00 ِAM, The registration will take place at front of Muharraq ballroom, Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel. We look forward to welcome you all next week in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Welcome Message from the Elected President for SLA/AGC 2017

Mr. Nasser Mohammed Ali With the rapid progress of technology and the spread of digitization and information technology among library users, it became a necessity to develop the training programs as well as educational institutions in the field of Library & Information Science in order to ensure that those who graduate in this field possess the knowledge and skills that would help them in satisfying different users needs.

Hence, the idea for the 23rd conference in 2017 emerged “ The Quality of Training and Qualification in Library & Information : A road map to the professional and academic accreditation.” The advisory committee in the association (SLA-AGC) conducted under Dr. Naema Jabr had put the main themes for discussing the total aspects dealing with professional and academic accreditation for programs in Library & Information Science and marketing the best practices for the market demands. Furthermore, to discuss the standards implemented in the Library & Information services and education.

I wish for our upcoming conference in the Kingdom of Bahrain the success in cooperation with Isa Cultural Centre and the valuable participation of the experts and researchers in the field of Library & Information from different countries.

Welcome to your second home the Kingdom of Bahrain

Nasser Mohamed Ali

Elected President for SLA-AGC 2017
Chief of Public Library Services
National Library Directorate – Isa Cultural Centre

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